Monday, 27 October 2014

Review of Here Lies Love by Dan Thompson

Review of Here Lies Love by Dan Thompson A Masterpiece from cover to end. Here is one of those rare books, which is constantly brilliant throughout. Each character is carefully described and very lifelike. The plot, which is macabre in places, moves at a pleasing pace too. The story starts with Abbey, the heroine, who is a feisty redhead, who along with other girls has been trapped and caged by a monster, Stefan. You hear her inner thoughts and fears as she waits her impending doom. She shudders at the sounds in the house; her captor’s perverse games which only aim is to thrill himself. She is very brave for such a young age of seventeen and this is her story of self-discovery and growth. Later in the book she meets characters her own age, Tristian and Ryan, both very lifelike in there description. Ryan, is tenderly described, he is the gentlest character in the book. His friendship with Tristian paramount in his life, and who I strongly suspect of being gay. Tristian, a strong and beautiful man, is exquisitely described, and probably the best hero I have every read. He is everything and more you would hope for Abbey. Abbey clings to life, almost faltering at one point, but her will to survive and seek the revenge against her father that she feels she need to move on with her life and find peace, drives her on. Her Father is a difficult character to understand at first, but the author writes him with all clarity, so you are left with no doubt at the end of the story. Dan Thompson is a poet and quite breath-taking in the way that he describes the planet and how the sun as escaped from the sky and the beauty of the moon and the stars. I could not put this book down; the story, both gripping and chilling. In between reading the chapters, I would think about the story and wonder what the next chapter would be. The story ends well; Abbey’s final fate is open and wholly her own choice, which leaves it open for a next book, which I will surely hope is one.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Love Life, Live Life by Sue Stone

Love Life, Live Life by Sue Stone Now and again, something will come along and smack though your life path, and I am glad to say that this book did this for me in a positive way. Sue though her writing teachers us that our thoughts make our reality, create our view and way that we experience our world. This book I believe is relative to everyone, and can make huge impacts in the way you can live and enjoy life. Using her own life experience Sue teachers you in easy steps not to dwell on the negative but rather to choice to focus on what you would like in your life; All be it the better job, car and friendships. The way to achieve this is spelled out for you and with practice by concentrating on the small things that are good in your life you can attract more good things. I have been practising Sue’s teachings for a few months now, and I have defiantly improved my well-being. Now I know some of you reading this right now, my think I am talking about wishful thinking, but that’s not it and I would whole heartily recommend this life affirming book to anyone, but especially those who feel they have no direction and are just going through the motions.