Tuesday, 30 December 2014

sky song

Book Review Sky Song, part one of a trilogy by Sharon Sant The best bit about finishing this book is that there are two more to read. I first became a fan of Sharon’s work after reading, ‘the memory game,’ which was an awesome read and this YA book does not disappoint. This story starts with an orphaned teenage boy Jacob, who’s world has been turned upside down. He is draw along a fated path, which he struggles to come to terms with. He has two close friends, his best friend Luca and Ellen. The story is filled with teenage angst, as Luca is Ellen’s girlfriend, however Jacob is able to connect to Ellen on a physic plain of which Luca is excluded. Sharon writes the connection between Jacobs family, his unknown parents and his parents who adopt him. We experience Jacob’s thoughts as he is forced to choice between all he knows and loves and a duty that is foreign to him. All good books have a baddy, someone of pure cunning evil and this story does not disappoint. There a brilliant descriptive fight scenes and imageries of real panic and fear of loss of those Jacob has come to love in the human world. Only a glimpse of Jacob’s real world is revelled so far, but I am sure that the next two books we will learn more. I recommend Sky Song and I am looking forward to following the story to the end.

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