Monday, 19 January 2015

A Doodeedoo Review

A Doodeedoo Review Tony Gilbert (Author), Sammy Gilbert (Author), Blaze McRob (Editor) Great Pictures - Rhymes - Fury characters – Monster. Good to read out loud and also in an audiobook so you don’t have to. Over some time or another who hasn’t invented an invisible friend? Oh wait is that just me? Each page of Doodeedoo is beautifully illustrated and text is easy to read. I like the way that the type face looks as if it has been hand written. Also Lovely crafted images on every page of this book, that look like they have been drawn with children’s crayons. The words are skilfully brought alive by Tony’s rhythmic words The story starts with a charming young girl mouse who had started to read the classic book Frankenstein. She only reads the book as far as when Frankenstein who is a monster come to life and is so inspired she decides to have a go at making her own. Partially because he was lonely BUT mostly because he could. Being an ingenious type of mouse, she sets about making her creation out of a sock which is stuck together with super glue She even gives her new friend the super cool name of Doodeedo Then mouse gave her sock friend, eyes made from buttons and a string mouth. She made a boy different coloured eyes But oh know, to her surprise! The puppet made from a sock Turned out to be a complete shock! Oh golly I’m rhyming now LOL But don’t worry, I did not give away the ending with is simply delightful. And if you children are as silly as me, they will love this book too!

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