Saturday, 24 January 2015

Book Review The Whale Whispers of Ensorclea written By Ed Drury

This is a beautiful book and I really enjoyed it and whole heartily recommend it. Ed is a natural story teller, I have never come across his style of writing before, he writes concisely, even economically. But not in a mean way, as each sentence is like a spoonful of the best tasting chocolate pudding, packed full with expression and sentiment. I was spell bound by the Whale whispers people, how they lived as one with their environment and painted there bodies like their cousins the large fish as a mark of honour to swim with them. How they had there one magic secret language and they communicated with their honoured ancestors with shamanism. The Whale whisperer’s clan shared their world comfortably with nature. Also I was intrigued by the story of the aliens as they were termed, who had travelled from another planet and had settled their. These people were industrial and wasteful but still shared caring bonds between each other. The story takes you on a path to unravel the mystery of the alien queen’s death, but however there are many more strands of the story’s which act as undercurrents to the main plot. In the start of the story we are given a glimmers of the world of the whale whispers, though the visions that Levi experiences by his old friend Rrawk. Which only leads him to be reminded his true identity and connect to shared ancestors. There are interesting strong bond between the princess Lore and her father the king. His responsibility is not only to his family but to the people in his kingdom and he seems weighted down by the responsibility. We learn that the king has a dark agenda to gain the land of the whale whispers to exploit the natural resources by mining. The story is full of charming and wonderful descriptions. I could tell that Ed is a musician by the way he writes. He describes how the dances in the whale whispers weave in and out off each other with such clarity and also goes into detail about a strange musical bow shaped interment made from a gourde is played and the noise it makes. This story is much more than a case of good versus evil. As nothing is as clear cut and I enjoyed the twists and turns. I also felt I had been taken on a spiritual journey and marvelled at the glimpses of truth I felt I learn something about myself while reading, although I cannot pin point quite what, I can tell you I feel different in a good way. This book is a young adult triumph and not to be missed.

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