Saturday, 31 January 2015

Review of Young Moon, by Sharon Sant.

Firstly I have to say OMG cliff hanger!! This book which is the second in the sky song series, is really compelling and easy to read. I love the way the characters are developed further and their teenage angst in the unfolding love interests with Ellen and there telepathic bond. The loyalty of his long suffering best friend Luca. We get glimmers of Jacobs home world ‘Astrae,’ understand his drive and his deep rooted connection and love with his earth family. Who at times appear to be at a loss with Jacobs priority’s. In young moon the characters undertake a new role of detective, they have a mystery to solve in finding Jacobs twin sister. The reader is swept along as the clues unfold before them. The vision by Ellen that gets adds to the puzzle. The boy’s decide they must travel to America, but besides the practical factors such as time and money, you begin to question is this all just too easy? The answer will surprise you. I love Sharon’s ability to write both the most lovely kind a gentle characters like that of Jacobs mother and then switch to paint the blackest of all, Makash. The thing I like best about this YA series is that Sharon has imagined a whole other world, ‘Astrae,’ and a race of alien people who understandably have different values and ideals. What an imagination. ‘I take my hat off to her.’ Now for book three!

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